Residential Inspections

Pre-Purchase, Pre-List, New Build, 11th month warranty, 4-Point.

Service Description

Pre-Purchase, Pre-List, New Construction, 11th Month warranty Inspections, thermal imaging included. Call or Text for pricing Additional Services: WDI/Termite = I do not do WDI. In my opinion it is best to have the Bug Pro thoroughly inspect your investment, that it what they do. I will schedule a WDI inspection to take place at the time of home inspection, cost is $105, If +30 miles from old town Katy it is $145 (WDI inspectors travel fee) Pier and Beam is $245 +travel if applicable ~ $40 Payment can be made to WDI inspector at time of inspection, or we can invoice. • Lawn irrigation Inspection • Spa/Pool inspection • Disabilities home survey This is a survey of a residential dwelling that caters to the needs of folks with disabilities. Category 1 – Exterior approach and entrance, (ingress & egress) exterior elements, and garage Category 2 – Interior access to kitchen and laundry room Category 3 – Interior access to living spaces and bedrooms. Category 4 – Interior access to bathrooms. Category 5 – Access to other items such as theater rooms, elevators, and lifts. • Active water leak/moisture intrusion locator service Thermal imaging and use of moisture meter to locate water intrusion/leak source. Note: This inspection can be intrusive (MM pins) and limited to accessibility at time of inspection. • Single Component Inspection = Call for your project or itemized inspection needs.

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